The Way

The Way of The Ark


Practically, such an approach demands a consistent analysis of the great issues of our time through the lens of God’s Word.  The experience of 21stcentury humanity is characterized by an overwhelming sense of hopelessness, depression and despair.  We believe that the root of man’s pitiful state is modern man’s rejection of God and truth coupled with a reliance on overt materialism, narcissism and postmodern deconstructionism to find peace and contentment. Man’s only hope is the Gospel.  Accordingly, through preaching and teaching, we will creatively aim the Gospel directly at the minds of the listeners to provide answers of hope regarding these issues. 

            Equipping God’s People with the Knowledge and Strategies to Achieve God’s Best in all Facets of Life

            Such an approach also demands a consistent analysis of the strategies we are using to achieve the Lord’s purpose in our lives through the lens of God’s Word.  Accordingly, we will equip the members of the Ark with real world knowledge drawn directly from the scriptures geared toward assisting them to achieve the Gospel’s ideals in the real world areas of family, business, health and education.   In short, The Ark is a haven for the “outs”—the up and outs and the down and outs, all ready to be rescued by the truth of God’s Word and the Power of the Holy Spirit.